Our litigation department handles civil and business litigation with emphasis in the areas of unfair competition and trade secret litigation,as well as all aspects of real property and commercial litigation, including:

  • Intra-corporate governance issues/corporate-dissolution actions
  • partnership disputes/dissolution actions
  • title, easement, and boundary disputes
  • real-estate purchase and sale disputes
  • construction-related issues
  • foreclosure-related litigation
  • landlord-tenant litigation
  • commercial-collection actions
  • other property disputes


We see ourselves as a general counsel for clients. We work closely with other legal professionals to provide our clients with the most effective and appropriate representation.

FMBK’s civil-litigation practice includes all areas of business litigation, with special emphasis in all aspects of real estate, commercial,intra-corporate and unfair trade practice law. With extensive trial experience in these areas, we guide our clients through a variety of situations, with the primary goal of obtaining the best result in the most cost-efficient manner. In many cases, early consultation between the FMBK litigation lawyers and our clients will avoid the expense and time of formal litigation. If litigation is the appropriate choice, we pride ourselves on aggressive and efficient efforts and encourage close communication with our clients throughout the litigation process. Our clients, including banking and financial institutions, developers, and entrepreneurs, have relied upon us for their legal representation continuously for over 15 years.


Irwin B. Feinberg is our firm’s lead litigator and the head of our litigation department. He has over 35 years of experience and has an excellent grasp of the problem-solving and dispute-resolution aspects of the legal process. Los Angeles Magazine has named him as a Super Lawyer eleven years in a row, from 2005 to 2015, placing in the Top 100 in 2013 and 2015. Mr. Feinberg seeks to serve his clients’ needs and always aims for the best possible result in any situation in the most cost-effective way, communicating effectively with clients so that they understand the proposed strategy.


When Mr. Feinberg and our litigation department work on a case, we make a point of analyzing every aspect of the case and looking at the global picture. We ask ourselves: What does the client want regarding this issue? What does the other side want? What motivates the other side’s actions? The global picture allows the litigators to conceive of the best approach to each case.


Our litigation department sees its job as a process of problem-solving; the goal is to take a situation that a client finds unacceptable and to obtain the best possible result. Clients come to us because they are living with a problem or conflict (whether for example, a real estate boundary dispute, a dispute between the owners of a business, or a dispute between competing businesses) and are looking for a change in the status quo. Whether the solution can result from negotiations or requires our litigation efforts in court, we vigorously advocate for our clients rights.